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Mirror Wardrobe Doors Tweed Heads

Turn to Us for Mirror Wardrobe Doors in Tweed Heads

Are you considering installing mirror wardrobe doors in your home in Tweed Heads? Let the professionals at East Coast Wardrobes and Shower Screens help. With over twenty years of experience in the industry, we commit ourselves to providing you with a stellar result.

Benefits of Mirror Wardrobe Doors in Gold Coast

There are multiple advantages of incorporating mirror wardrobe doors in Gold Coast into your bedroom or storage room. A few leading examples are:

  • A final once over: Inevitably, one of the things that any person does before they leave their house in the morning is to look in the mirror one last time to make sure they look presentable. A wardrobe mirror gives the ability to make sure your make-up looks great or that your tie is straight. Our mirror wardrobe doors are typically full length so you can confirm that every detail of your outfit is perfectly in place. 

  • Makes the room appear bigger: Part of the beauty of adding mirror wardrobe doors to a room is that they can help make it look bigger. When sunlight or artificial light refracts off the mirror, it gives off the illusion that there is more space in the room then there really is which leaves you feeling more comfortable in a smaller area. 

Easier on your furniture: Have you ever experienced the frustration associated with opening your wardrobe and the door hitting your bed or another piece of furniture? Sliding mirror wardrobe doors remove this annoyance and allows you more freedom to place any type of furniture closer to your closet.

Related Services We Provide to Sliding Mirror Wardrobe Doors in Gold Coast

We offer more than just sliding mirror wardrobe doors in Gold Coast. Other services that we provide include: 

  • Free quote: We understand that many of our clients need to plan their projects on a budget which is why we offer to give you a free quote before we begin any work. Our team is committed to supplying you with prices that will not break the bank along with superior workmanship. 

  • Customisable options: We take a personal approach to each one of our projects. During the planning stage, we take the time to listen to the details that are important to you to ensure that you are pleased with the result. 

Shower screens: See-through shower screens are a growing trend among homeowners. We provide you with options in a variety of sizes to suit almost any bathroom. Whether you are interested in an angled shower screen in the corner of the room or one that is flush along the wall, we can accommodate. Check out our latest completed projects for more inspiration.

About East Coast Wardrobes and Shower Screens

The East Coast Wardrobes and Shower Screens team takes great pride in producing quality wardrobe designs. Our friendly customer service team is happy to assist you in selecting the right layout for your home. Visit us through our contact page for more information about our services.

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