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Custom Wardrobes in the Gold Coast

Make the Most of Your Space with Custom Wardrobes in the Gold Coast

Adding custom wardrobes to your Gold Coast home could help to elevate it to the next level. Does the thought of a long and involved process taking place right near your bedroom put you off the idea though? Perhaps you aren't sure if it's possible to achieve what you've imagined for the space. At East Coast Wardrobes and Shower Screens, a locally-based wardrobe designer and builder, we can help to bring your dreams to life without delay.

The Benefits of Custom Wardrobes in Tweed Heads Created by Our Team

Choosing a partner to execute your ideas and remake your home storage spaces is not a step to be taken lightly. How will you benefit from a partnership with our team? There are a few perks:


  • We make the best use possible of the space you have available. In fact, it may surprise you to learn just how much extra storage you'll gain. Ask us to help you visualise the new space.

  • Everything is on the table. Want as much space as possible for hanging clothes? We'll make it happen. Prefer to tuck things away out of sight, so the only thing you see walking into the wardrobe is a perfectly arranged space? We can make that happen, too. Practically nothing is out of reach as we put you in touch with designer-level quality. 

  • Fast turnaround times to minimise the disruption to your life — and to allow you to enjoy your new wardrobe space as soon as possible.

What Sets East Coast Wardrobes and Shower Screens' Custom Wardrobes Apart in Ballina

Working with us is easy, and our flexibility is one of our biggest strengths. No two projects are exactly alike, and we have a wide array of design tools at our disposal to use in pursuit of your vision. These efforts allow the final product to stand out in several ways:


  • Complete custom designs that speak to your specific tastes and needs. We don't provide a static array of products to choose from; instead, we discuss what you'd like to see and take those ideas back to the drawing board. 

  • Incredible craftsmanship that allows quality to shine through in every aspect. We use top-quality materials to deliver an installation that has real longevity. 

  • Service that doesn't break the bank. You can enjoy custom quality without overextending yourself. Our highly competitive rates are just another reason to choose a personal touch for your home.


Imagine walking into your wardrobe and always knowing exactly where to look for the item or accessory you want. With East Coast Wardrobes and Shower Screens, that dream can be your reality.

Why Trust Us with Your Custom Wardrobes in Southport?

Our team has a background in the creation of custom cabinetry and wardrobes that stretches back almost two decades. We know our stuff, and we're confident in our quality, too. We provide a solid ten-year warranty on our workmanship so you can load up your shelves and fill in drawers with total confidence. Look through some of our other custom made wardrobes in the Gold Coast, or give us a call and tell us what you've imagined.

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